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Student equipment research institute

Student equipment research institute

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Saxo road

  Shandong student equipment design and research InstituteIs approved by the provincial Department of Education and other relevant departments established a collection of student clothing materials, color, fashion trends, quality testing, school uniform culture, student equipment experience center as one of the research and design units。In the face of the new situation of education reform and development, and the new requirements of students and students' parents for students' equipment, we deeply feel that we have a long way to go and a great responsibility。

  习近平总书记在十九大报告中指出,人民群众的需求就是我们努力的方向,我们将谨遵总书记的教导,不忘初心,兢兢业业,扎扎实实地开展各项工作。Carefully listen to the opinions and suggestions of experts present, relying on the advantages of first-class colleges and professional institutions in the industry such as Donghua University, seriously explore, actively explore and study the relevant topics of primary and secondary school students' equipment, including school uniforms, and strive for early results and good results。Strive for both scientific research results, but also to train the team, the two results together。On the basis of good subject research, as soon as possible to transform the research results into practical applications, good products, fast out of quality, design and development with Qilu charm, Shandong heritage of student equipment, live up to the leaders and experts present, take the initiative to adapt to the new requirements of the "new era" for student equipment。

  Shandong Student Equipment Design and Research Institute is a public service platform focusing on student equipment design and research and development,Is a student equipment design research institute,The Institute is committed to building an authoritative design platform, academic platform and research platform in the field of student equipment research,To provide scientific research support, design support and technical support for Shandong Province and even the national student equipment work。

  The Institute will adhere to the operation mode of "government led, enterprise main body, college support, market operation, and social service", based on the Shandong student equipment industry, and radiate to serve the national student equipment industry。It will integrate, create, standardize and obtain the relevant policy resources, market resources, design resources, management resources and technical resources of the student equipment industry,Deepen policy research and industrial theory,We will promote effective coordination between government, industry, education, research and enterprises,Adopt advanced technology and design concept to carry out scientific and technological achievements, design innovation and achievement incubation in the student equipment industry,Promote the restructuring and transformation and upgrading of the student equipment industry,Provide technical support and intellectual guarantee for the student equipment industry to build a modern educational logistics industry with scientific development and competitive advantages。

  Sponsored by Shandong Provincial Department of Education in Zibo, Shandong Province, Shandong Shengbao Road Textile and Clothing Co., Ltd. hosted the "Shandong School Logistics Association Primary and secondary School logistics Management Branch" and Shandong primary and secondary school logistics Expert Committee establishment meeting was successfully held and Shandong student equipment Design and Research Institute was established。

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