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College introduction

College introduction



In 1860, Rama V modernized his reforms, and the palace and Privy Council, located in his royal gardens in Xuansuna, undertook the task of educational reform。

In 1937, Xuansunata Royal University was established and gradually developed into a comprehensive national Royal University covering undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels。

· In 1975, when China and Thailand established diplomatic relations, Xuansu Nata Royal University opened the road of exchange and cooperation with Chinese universities。

In 2007, Hsuanatha Royal University became one of the first Thai national universities to mutually recognize academic qualifications by the Ministry of Education of China。

· In 2013, China restarted the Maritime Silk Road strategy, and Thai universities, including the Royal University of Xuan Sunata, responded positively。

· In 2014, the Royal University of Xuansunata carefully built a Chinese-English and Thai trilingual international program for Chinese undergraduate and doctoral students。

· In 2016, there were more than 30,000 Chinese students studying in Thailand, and there were 280 Chinese students studying in the Royal University of Hsuan Natha。

· In 2019, for international students around the world, especially Chinese students, a complete teaching system has been formed in all majors。


Five campuses:

The university has five campuses, the Royal Garden main campus, Buddha Tong campus, Ranong campus, Night Gong campus, Ubon campus。

Department Major:

There are 21 schools, 113 disciplines (departments), 83 undergraduate majors, 37 master majors, and 12 doctoral majors。

School Size:

It covers an area of more than 1,400 mu, has more than 32,000 students and 1,990 faculty and staff。


Thailand elite school: Thailand's premier garden style national royal University。

European and American synchronization: the curriculum and teaching system are synchronized with the famous European and American universities, and the credit system is used for learning。

Cost of living and tuition and fees are much lower than those in Europe and the United States。

Time cost: The fastest 4 years to complete the credits to obtain a diploma, compared with the fastest savings of 3 years in China and Europe and the United States。

Admission requirements: IELTS and TOEFL are not required。

Admission: Credit system, centralized teaching, registration twice a year, special circumstances can apply for admission time。

Strong faculty: Internationally renowned Chinese scholars and professors, rigorous research, advocating innovative thinking and free and open academic atmosphere。

Diploma recognition: globally common, the Chinese Ministry of Education foreign study Supervision information network Thailand recommended colleges and universities, and the domestic unified recruitment of graduatesEqual treatment。

Overseas returnee treatment: Enjoy the relevant overseas returnee car purchase, return home business purchase, tax incentives and other policies。

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