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Intelligent care

Intelligent care

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3M Reflective technology

In order to ensure the safety of children's travel at night or in rainy weather, Saxo Road's clothing has added 3M reflective materials to the coat products。

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Air and moisture permeable treatment

Shengbao Road winter clothing products are made of breathable wet coating fabric feel good, breathable wet, high cold, high heat preservation。

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Uv protection finish

Sportswear products are made of anti-ultraviolet fabrics, which can effectively shield ultraviolet radiation, and its ultraviolet shielding coefficient can still be maintained at a high value after washing for many times。

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New Shirley high efficiency warming cotton

All of Saxo Road's close-wear products are made of "New Sherry", which is down and warm 1.5 times, twice as much as other highly soft insulation materials;The new Shirley material allows more air to be retained between the fibers, and more heat to be retained.""New Shirley" insulation material absorbs only 1% of its own weight, and it can keep warm even in humid environments。

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