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"Code" on the technology, leading the new direction of digital campus construction

1.Intelligent identity Multiple information encryption technology to create a unique identity。 2.School uniform culture communication The mobile campus culture "business card", the school's characteristic culture, the purpose of running the school and other contents are intuitive display, which is conducive to the school's brand image building and publicity。 3.Code traceability lost recover Security code for each student to create a unique identity, scan the code at a glance to identify the uniform holder, easy to find the uniform lost, distinguish when confused。

Smart school uniform

On the basis of traditional school uniforms,Combined with the core development concept of "one person, one thing, one Mark",MARK your uniform with your personal ID,Fully integrate new technologies such as the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, radio frequency, face recognition, and cloud computing into traditional school uniforms,Create a new school uniform product form - make the school uniform with safety attributes。Through smart school uniforms, the relationship between students, parents, schools, and security is seamlessly opened up, forming a closed loop, and using technology to protect student safety。

Smart school uniform

On September 2, the first day of school, a campus stabbing incident occurred in Enshi, Hubei Province, which shocked the society。The murder happened at around 8 am on the same day, during the enrollment rush, a gunman armed with a kitchen knife broke into the school and injured 10 students。Eight of them died and two are in hospital。  A knife attack at a kindergarten in Banan District of Chongqing has injured several children, seriously endangering the lives, health and safety of students。It seriously affects the order of school education and teaching, and seriously impacts the bottom line of public psychological safety。  Through the above incidents, it is found that from the central to the local, the relevant departments and schools attach great importance to campus safety and take a department

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