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Fashion fashion elements Style characteristics School uniform trend advocates the embodiment and influence of "clothing education" on the aesthetic taste and spiritual outlook of the new generation of teenagers Gender: male and female students series elements Season: different seasons style series elements Teachers and students: Teachers and students uniform serialization and correlation design research Age: children, primary school, junior high school, senior high school series elements Matching: Clothing and clothing, equipment:School bags, rain gear and other adaptive campus culture to SIS(SchoolIdentitySystem) concept,Help the campus characteristic culture, school spirit and appearance display and display the mobile business cards representing the characteristics of the campus。地方

The present situation of school uniform in China

Why are Chinese school uniforms ugly?  Today's common sports uniforms have lasted for more than 20 years from the 1990s, although they are always ridiculed by students as too ugly, but they still stand。Sports school uniform design style comes from the Olympic uniform, but the Olympic spirit is obviously not the main contemporary spiritual connotation。  Compared with other countries' uniforms, summarize the reasons for ugly uniforms: 1.Does not reflect the characteristics and spiritual and cultural appearance of a country, the style of sports uniforms has remained in the 1980s and 1990s, and people's quality of life is low.The cost is low and the quality of a set of school uniforms is less than one hundred, which fundamentally determines the simplicity of school uniforms

History of the development of foreign student equipment (school uniforms)

Historians say that in fact, uniforms are not a tradition of English public schools, the first school uniform tradition is those charity schools。  The "Christ'sHospital Charity School", founded in London in 1552, is an example。The school, in West Sussex, specialises in educating "fatherless and other poor children" from within the parish.。  At that time, the uniforms of these children came from London citizens, and the long blue coats were impressive。So, in the future, these schools also have their own famous nickname - "blue coat school"。 Most British schools have evolved their uniforms with The Times, from flat hats in the 1950s to casual suits and ties in the 80s and 90s。In order to make students comfortable, many schools choose more practical school uniforms。  Historian and author AlexanderDavidson said: "Uniforms give schools a unique identity and cohesion。He said: "Uniforms allow schools to give stability and order to students when some aspects of society become unpredictable。Davidson also pointed out that in addition to the rule of school uniforms, there is also a rebellious side。He said: "If children want to play rebel, they can make a statement about their individuality by wearing their school uniform in different ways。He believes that there are fewer rules and regulations in school uniforms now than at any time in history, and children naturally have no chance to "temper" with school uniform violations。 Japan's early school uniforms can be traced back to the Meiji Restoration, when the school system was not overhauled and there were still schools run by feudal lords。In Keio, for example, there are no kimono belts with knives。The earliest use of Western-style uniforms was the "Engineering Liao" (the predecessor of the Engineering Department), which opened in 1873.。In 1879, in order to reduce students' inferiority due to the gap between the rich and the poor, the school designated a uniform, and designed a men's stand-up collar uniform modeled on the Japanese military uniform at that time。Later, Imperial College (the predecessor of the University of Tokyo) adopted the uniform, and other high schools and colleges followed suit。 The traditional stand-up collar uniform and sailor uniform are still widely used, but many schools have also begun to adopt the suit uniform from the parochial school。  In the 1980s, school violence and bullying became a major social problem in Japan。Many undesirable female students have made the skirt of the sailor suit 䙓 to the ground, ruining the image of the sailor suit, so many schools have begun to abandon the sailor suit in favor of a blazer with a plaid skirt。Since plaid skirts do not look good when lengthened, students will not change to long skirts, and society has begun to equate sailor clothes with bad students, so that the popularity of sailor clothes has fallen sharply。The male student's suit jacket is composed of a white shirt, tie and suit jacket, and some schools will add the school emblem;The lower part of the body is mostly worn in dark pants, and usually a different color from the suit jacket。The uniform of female students also consists of a shirt, tie, and suit jacket, but the lower body is mostly dressed in a tweed skirt or dark trousers。

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